Kotatogram 1.4.1 released!

Fixes and source update to 2.7.4.

Published on: Apr 29, 2021 at 01:18 PM

This release have no new features, but it has bug fixes. Also this version based on Telegram Desktop 2.7.4, which has scheduled voice chats and payments. More about the update on Telegram site: https://telegram.org/blog/payments-2-0-scheduled-voice-chats

Download stable 1.4.1

based on Telegram Desktop 2.7.4


Supports Windows 7 and higher.


Supports Ubuntu 16.04 and higher.

Alternative options

Please note that update can be delayed.


Supports macOS 10.15 and higher.


  • Description for settings with radio buttons (one-from-many selection) now shown in smaller font. Otherwise options are cut by window size when window height is low.
  • Removed redundant separator in own profile. Since there is no notifications switch there, so it was odd.


  • Kotatogram Desktop MPRIS was separated from Telegram Desktop MPRIS.
  • Fixed crash when right clicking emoji button when emoji sidebar is opened and “Emoji panel on hover” is disabled.
  • Possible fix for repeating changelog message. Bug could be caught if app wasn’t closed after update for a long time.
  • Top notification switch is not shown in own profile anymore.