All features of Kotatogram Desktop.

This is the list of features that Kotatogram Desktop have at the moment. Only exception is last section: “Was made in Telegram Desktop”


  • Local folders
  • Default folders
  • Expanded folder options
  • Additional info about chats in folder


  • Multi-forward
  • Unquoted forward
  • Keep selection after forward


  • Chat ID
  • Clickable links in bio
  • Click-to-copy for ID, username and phone number
  • GIF section in shared media
  • Notification switcher on top of profile
  • Opening of discussion group or linked channel from profile
  • Buttons for managing group/channel


  • Always show profile pic in chat header
  • “Discuss” button in channel for everyone

Chat and member list

  • Compact chat list
  • Icon for collapsed archive
  • Ghost icon near deleted accounts
  • Admin titles in member list
  • Bot privacy status in member list
  • Rounding of user profile pictures
  • Mention user from member list
  • Scrolling to dialog in chat list when clicking “Back”


  • Message ID when hovering on date
  • Service message title
  • Adaptive message bubbles
  • Disabling adaptive monospace messages
  • Highlight of certain mediafile in album
  • Copy callback-data of button
  • Mention by name instead of username
  • Ability to disable big emoji outline


  • Custom sticker size
  • Information about forwarded sticker
  • Recent stickers limit
  • Ability to copy sticker pack name
  • Delete button for recent sticker on hover

Message input field

  • Message edit timer always shown
  • Always show “Scheduled messages” button
  • Disable “Up” button to edit of recent message
  • Custom auto-replaces
  • Immediate save of draft by hotkey
  • Option to disable hovering emoji panel

Pinned messages

  • Ability to show hidden pinned message
  • Ability to hide pinned message when unpinning


  • Poll explanation in window with ability to copy
  • Square checkboxes instead of round in polls with multiple answers
  • Go to date in chat by hotkey
  • query parameter in t.me and tg:// links
  • User messages

Default actions

  • Don’t share phone number by default
  • Pin messages without sound by default
  • Delete messages in PMs and basic groups for everyone by default

API functions

  • “Nobody” option in “Who can see my profile photo”

Authorization and accounts

  • Ability to set API ID and hash
  • Expanded accounts limit


  • Upload speed boost


  • Confirm before calling


  • Switch notification sound from tray
  • Custom tray icon for taskbar and tray
  • Working folder in tray menu hint
  • Hiding of phone number in main menu


  • Better administrator info
  • Separate right for sending stickers and GIFs
  • Block members from recent actions

Full-screen viewer

  • Video controls for GIFs

Pop-up windows

  • Copy ability in link open confirm window and bot response window

Time and date selection

  • Keyboard navigation in calendar

Theme editor

  • Better search for theme colors in editor
  • Custom colors for header


  • Custom fonts


  • Ability to set custom scales

Cache cleaning

  • Expanded cleaning time choice

Was made in Telegram Desktop

These features were part of Kotatogram, but now are exist in Telegram Desktop.

  • Bigger minimum message size for message with photo
  • Bigger input field for caption
  • Saving scales less than 100%
  • Show restiction date
  • Members in channel are renamed to subscribers
  • Disable taskbar icon flashing